About us

Company “Aton service LTD” is the Ukrainian designer and producer of aspiration equipment for woodworking, metallurgical, light and chemical industry. More than 14 years it is working on the market of Ukraine. Company provides design work, production, supply, assembly,  pre-commissioning and service of high-quality energy-saving equipment for industrial enterprises. Specialists of Aton service Ltd. propose you the complex solutions of aspiration and industrial ventilation.

Company Aton service LTD. was founded in 2004 and starting from that time has successfully produced and supplied next equipment: filtering plants and storage silos, piping, painting booths, aspiration benches for manual sanding, extraction units for welding posts, industrial blowers and other auxiliary equipment, both for the market of Ukraine and as well for abroad markets. Our products combine high quality and optimal price. We use only the best European and Ukrainian spare parts.  We follow the principles of economical production and also strive for the constant perfection inside the company and in our production. We are the “shoemakers” with “shoes” – we use our own technologies and equipment in order to let our workers have the comfortable conditions of work and products have a quality finishing.

Besides the production company Aton service Ltd. includes the design department, construct and service departments, where high-qualified specialists are involved, who can provide the selection of goods, execute all necessary calculations, design work, assembly and further service.

Competently calculated aspiration system, designed and supplied by Aton service LTD, increases the service life of your machinery and tools, provides ecological safety of the enterprise,  ensures the normal normative air condition inside the workshop, decreases the possibility of fire or explosion,  provides better quality of goods finishing, decreases the level of illnesses of the workers etc.

Due to a long-term experience we defined for ourselves the main priorities:

1) High quality and long-lasting period of usage of the supplied equipment;

2) Selection of the optimal solution for the tasks, assigned by our Customer;

3) Assurance of ecological safety of the Customer’s enterprise;

4) Implementation of the newest technologies, that allow to save the energy resources;

5) Fire safety of the supplied equipment;

6) Assignment of the technologies, that allow to get benefits from the production wastes.

Our working style is “Clean future is in clean present”. We encourage you to join!