• Tokabo furniture, Chernivtsi

    2019 year. Aspiration bench MST-2500.CE. Air delivery 5 400 m³/h.

    2020 year. Filtration unit PJF.100.Bd complete with a centrifugal blower RU-AS 630/2R/30 Es4, rotary valve RV-30, aspiration control panel CPA 20  and air duct...
  • Furniture Standard LLC, Kyiv

    2020 year. Filtering plant PJF.150.Sc complete with a centrifugal blower RH-AS 560/2R/22 Es4 , rotary valve RV-30, aspiration control panel CPA 30  and air duct...

About us

Company “Aton service LTD” is the Ukrainian designer and producer of aspiration equipment for woodworking, metallurgical, light and chemical industry. More than 14 years it is working on the market of Ukraine. Company provides design work, production, supply, assembly, pre-commissioning and service of high-quality energy-saving equipment for industrial enterprises. Specialists of Aton service Ltd. propose you the complex solutions of aspiration and industrial ventilation.