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Aton Service presents a map of development. Eleven countries are marked on the map.

Choosing Aton Service ─ the customer chooses high quality equipment. Our innovative solutions meet world standards.

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Last News

  • Aton Service works

    Aton Service works to win


    Aton Service company works. We started working in a new place, we believe in Ukraine and victory. We share the good news.

    • We relocated the business - our production was moved from Brovary in Kyiv region to the village of Kolchyno in Transcarpathia.   
    • Our team with 15 years of experience works, designers are engaged in new developments. The plans are to expand product markets.
    • The Aton Service plant has resumed operations and is making orders.
    • We help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Kolchyn community.
    • Specialists of the plant began to make sapper cats for demining. Products are in demand. Order by phone +38 067 551 48 67.
    • We offer laser cutting and bending of metal on modern European equipment.

    The war is changing the economic geography and giving business new opportunities for development. Ukraine is cool, Ukraine is a brand.
    Together we will win and rebuild the economy. Aton Service works for Ukraine.


  • Cutting and bending of metal from Aton Service

    Aton Service has high-tech equipment and offers metalworking services. Cutting and bending of metal from Aton Service ─ professional approach and quality result. We guarantee fast and high-quality cuts.

    Our services

    • Plasma cutting of metal,
    • Laser cutting of metal,
    • Bending of metal on CNC machines.

    Aton Service production facilities are located near Mukachevo in Transcarpathia. We relocated business from Kyiv region. Fifteen years of experience, a team of specialists and modern European CNC equipment ensure high quality of the final product. Our machines are characterized by high cutting speed and rapid change of operating modes. We process ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The Aton Service team makes orders of any complexity from idea to implementation and offers optimal solutions. No drawing ─ let's help to design. We have our own design office.

    Plasma cutting is the melting of metal along the cutting line by air jet (gas) under high pressure. This is a simple, accurate, fast and cost-effective method of cutting metals.

    Laser cutting is the most modern and efficient way of processing metals. The result is a perfectly neat cut, smooth and smooth edges of the products. Laser technology allows you to make complex parts as accurately as possible and with a minimum amount of waste, suitable for processing most metals and alloys.

    Metal bending is giving the workpiece the desired shape by bending the metal. The result is strong and complex structures even made of thin sheet metal. To obtain high accuracy machines are programmed individually according to customer needs.

    Scheme and condition of cooperation

    Scheme of work with customers:

    • Coordination of cooperation,
    • Analysis of drawings and order details,
    • Calculation of the cost of services,
    • Confirmation of the order and payment,
    • Production.

    We embody ideas of different shapes and sizes and perform powder coating of parts. The cost of work is calculated individually.

    The price is formed taking into account:

    • type and thickness of metal,
    • order volume,
    • design complexity and detail geometry,
    • provision of additional services.

    Our team uses innovative ideas and non-standard solutions. Cutting and bending of metal from Aton Service for companies of various scales in the optimal time.

    Call our manager at +38 (067) 551 48 67.

  • Sapper cats to order

    Aton Service manufactures custom sapper cats. We have already sent the first batch to the east of Ukraine.

    The "cat" made of steel has dimensions of 120 mm * 120 mm. The design is collapsible and compact. Watch the video here.

    Cat or sapper hook is used for:

    • demining of stretch marks and mines,
    • search and disposal of explosives,
    • checking paths, tracks, transitions in order to move suspicious objects,
    • opening the door.

    In addition, sapper cats can be used during the evacuation of the wounded, as an assault hook to move up or lift loads, to throw wire antennas and rope traverses. Hook cat ─ a useful and necessary item of equipment.

    Aton Service resumed operation of the plant, which was moved to the Transcarpathian region. Our specialists develop aspiration equipment and products for wartime needs.

    The Aton Service team is in touch. Let's work together to win!