The International Industrial Forum – 2019

The International Industrial Forum – the largest industrial exhibition in Ukraine, includes specialized exhibitions in the field of metalworking, machine building and related fields, as well as a rich program of scientific conferences, seminars, presentations of the participants of the forum.

Ukraine, Kyiv, International Exhibition Center,
15 Brovarsky Prospekt, Livoberezhna metro station

We invite you to visit our booth G01.1 in Pavilion # 1 from 19 to 22 November.

Last News

  • Обладнання для БЛІЦАРТ ПРОДУКЦІОН

    Equipment for Blizzard Production LLC

    Aton Service company manufactured aspiration equipment for BLIZZARD PRODUCTION LLC. Our aspiration will improve the woodworking process at the enterprise and provide comfortable working conditions.

    Products for the Blizzard Production: Filtering plant PJF.120.Bd with a pulsed filter regeneration system with compressed air,  centrifugal blower RH-AS 560, rotary metering valve RV – 30, control panel, spark suppression system RIL2.

    Aton Service equipment is developed by its own design department based on modern technologies.

    BLIZZARD PRODUCTION LLC previously placed an order with Aton Service. Our aspiration system has been working for several years at a factory in Chop, Zakarpattia region.

    The equipment for BLIZZARD PRODUCTION was manufactured after the relocation of our company's plant in Kolchyno. This is one of the first orders shipped at the new location.

  • Фарбувальний комлекс для Varenycia Manufacture

    Furniture painting in Varenycia Manufacture

    We produced and shipped an order for Varenycia Manufacture. Our equipment – TBS – 3DN.COMPLEX – will be used for furniture painting. He will work at a modern furniture factory in the Lviv region.

    The painting complex of the TBS series is a professional solution for the organization of the painting area in the furniture, woodworking and metalworking industries. The main purpose of the equipment is to create excess pressure and divide the air flow into the painting and drying area. The area for painting furniture is equipped with a TBS chamber, an inflow unit with a water heater to maintain the required temperature (from 18 ° C to 25 ° C) and plenum boxes for an even distribution of air flow.

    The key difference of the Varenycia Manufacture is meticulous manual work combined with robotic machines and innovation. Aton Service equipment is best suited for modern production and production of high-quality products.

    Varenycia Manufacture creates premium furniture. This is a furniture manufactory with unlimited possibilities. Prosta series kitchens and the DUB series of interior items are well-known in Ukraine and abroad.

    Varenycia Manufacture furnishes apartments, salons, private homes, clinics, shops, offices, hotels, restaurants and cafes. Furniture is created in Lviv, assembled in Ukraine, Austria, Spain, Poland, Turkey, France and Germany.


  • Aton Service works

    Aton Service works to win


    Aton Service company works. We started working in a new place, we believe in Ukraine and victory. We share the good news.

    • We relocated the business - our production was moved from Brovary in Kyiv region to the village of Kolchyno in Transcarpathia.   
    • Our team with 15 years of experience works, designers are engaged in new developments. The plans are to expand product markets.
    • The Aton Service plant has resumed operations and is making orders.
    • We help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Kolchyn community.
    • Specialists of the plant began to make sapper cats for demining. Products are in demand. Order by phone +38 067 551 48 67.
    • We offer laser cutting and bending of metal on modern European equipment.

    The war is changing the economic geography and giving business new opportunities for development. Ukraine is cool, Ukraine is a brand.
    Together we will win and rebuild the economy. Aton Service works for Ukraine.