Company Aton Service – fifteen years of success

Leading manufacturer of aspiration and ventilation systems –  company Aton Service marks 15-years anniversary. Aspiration equipment  Aton Service is used in thirteen countries of the world. Professional team, reliable partners and clients brought success to the company.

From selling equipment to innovative manufacturing       

Story of Aton Service starts in 2004. Company started with bringing to Ukraine foreign equipment. After crisis in 2010 Aton Service started production of aspiration equipment.

Now Aton Service has a professional design office, high-tech production and service department.

Production areas are constantly increasing. There is no dust or smoke inside the workshops. Own innovative aspiration system works perfectly. Everything around contributes to the comfort and safety of employees.

In production company uses top accessories from the best European manufacturers. The model range of equipment is updating constantly. ISO 9001 certificate and CE compliance is the confirmation of company’s professionalism, high quality of equipment and services.

Aspiration accordingly to European standards

Aspiration equipment Aton Service can be used for any woodworking equipment and machines. Moreover, equipment’s lifetime is extending due to removal of dust, paint fog, waste and workplaces cleaning.

Filtering plants, aspiration benches, storage silos and other equipment are constantly improving. New solutions take into account environmental and economic trends.

Aton Service helps woodworkers and furniture makers to create products, which meet high European quality requirements. Standard equipment is selected individually for each enterprise or an original aspiration system is developed. Dozens of companies have already appreciated the advantages of Aton Service equipment and learned that investing in aspiration was profitable.

Always one step ahead

Aton Service based on Kaizen’s philosophy – improvements in everything. The company’s experts are always “one step ahead”. Customer receives a modern aspiration system that purifies air, saves resources and takes care of manufacturing safety.

Aton service equipment is reliable, durable and fitted with various security systems.

Due to Aton Service aspiration, it is possible to sort PVC and chipboard waste, hand over secondary raw materials. No disposal costs, on the contrary – income.

We take into consideration customer’s needs and wishes when designing aspiration systems. Every project – from installation to the air duct – is a new creative solution.  Aton Service air duct systems allow upgrading and moving machines without changing aspiration systems and additional investments.

 Aton Service aspiration systems compete with foreign ones.  The company plans to  maintain leading position, increase production capacity and extend markets.

 Now the company’s clean air meter ─ 58,428,000 m3 / h.  The numbers are growing every day.  After all, a clean future is in a clean present!



Last News

  • Aton Service will exhibit the aspiration and painting solution at the XX International Industrial Forum

    Aton Service company is a participant of the XX International Industrial Forum. The key event of the year in the metalworking and mechanical engineering industries will be held on November 16-19 at the International Exhibition Center in Kiev.

    Aton Service's aspiration and painting solutions will be presented at stand C06.

    At our exposition, guests will see innovative energy-saving equipment. We will demonstrate:

    We will tell you about Aton Service aspiration systems, which can be applied in any metalworking enterprise to improve work efficiency.

    Among the new products there is a folding machine, indispensable in the volumetric sections of air ducts, where maximum sealing is required.

    Our solutions take into account environmental and economic trends and improve production.

    Fifteen years of experience of the company in the market is a guarantee of the development of a unique project for aspiration and painting.

    Save energy resources with Aton Service technologies!

    We are waiting for you at stand С06!

    Register online.

  • Media about us. The magazine “Furniture Business” tells about the successful collaboration between Aton Service and the furniture company “GRADE”

    It is profitable to invest in the innovative Aton Service aspiration system. Ruslan Boryliuk, Production Director of GRADE PLUS LLC, assures this, analyzing the year of operation of the aspiration system in furniture shops. Read more in the article of the magazine "Furniture Business" for August 2021.

  • Map of Aton Service

    Aton Service presents a map of development. Eleven countries are marked on the map.

    Choosing Aton Service ─ the customer chooses high quality equipment. Our innovative solutions meet world standards.

    We develop to achieve customers' goals.