2017 year. Painting booth with water screen TBS-2W.

Last Projects

  • Aton Service has installed a сomplex for painting in NESTO

    2021 year Aton Service specialists installed сomplex for painting TBS-3D.REC with warm air recovery at the NESTO furniture factory in Stebnik. This is a professional energy-efficient solution, since up to 33 kW of heat energy is required to heat 6000 m3 / h air from -22 ° C to + 20 ° C. NESTO produces modern kitchens, as well as furniture for bedrooms, children's rooms, bathrooms and hallways. The company uses an individual approach to the client and develops design solutions in accordance with the clients' lifestyle. Thanks to our сomplex for painting, NESTO has increased the volume of products, improved the quality of painting products and improved working conditions in production. More
  • The Aton Service aspiration system started working at the Budmeister factory in Pavlograd

    2021 year. Budmeister uses the latest technologies and raw materials from the best domestic and European manufacturers in production. From now on, the factory's aspiration system is also innovative. Aton Service team manufactured and launched in Budmeister filtering plant PJF.270.Sc, centrifugal blower RH-AS 560/2R/22 Es4 , rotary metering valve RV - 30, spark extinguishing system RIL2, unit for energy saving 22 kWt ESU 22, sparkproof relief valve SPRV 600 The productivity of the filtering unit is 58320 m³ / hour. Budmeister is one of the largest manufacturers of interior doors in Ukraine. The company has been operating in the construction joinery market for over 20 years, producing a wide range of products. The Doors Factory offers more than 200 models of interior doors in five different finishes with a wide range of colors. Aton Service creates reliable, energy-saving and cost-effective solutions that meet the highest quality standards. The success of our clients is our success.   More
  • Aspiration equipment Aton Service in LLC «VINTORGPLIT» in Vinnitsa

    2021 year. The company has installed a local filtering unit FA 60, which absorbs and filters dust, shavings, sawdust. When designing the unit, Aton Service engineers used an innovative solution for supplying polluted air. This allows you to extend the service life of the filters when operating in the specified parameters. LLC «VINTORGPLIT»occupies a leading position in Vinnitsa in the supply of high-quality board materials and services for their processing. The company uses modern equipment and software in production. More