2021 year. The company manufactures door products, Aton Service delivered filtering plant PVF.80.Sc, complete with a centrifugal blower RH-AS 500/2/15 Es4, rotary valve RV-30, control panel CPA 30 and air duct system. Productivity of one plant is 23 750 m3/h.

Last Projects

  • In the company KompaniT the second stage of the aspiration system Aton Service

    We manufactured and launched the second stage of the aspiration system at the KompaniT furniture factory in Zaporizhia. The Aton Service team has developed and implemented an individual project for the Ukrainian furniture manufacturer with the distribution of waste chipboard, MDF and separate PVC. This solution of the aspiration system has a number of advantages:
    • investment savings,
    • electricity savings,
    • possibility to use chipboard and MDF waste for heating (at mixed waste forms a lot of soot and soot in heating boiler),
    • possibility of utilization of PVC waste.
    The first stage of the aspiration system according to this concept started working at the furniture factory in June 2020. The implemented idea is highly appreciated by KompaniT. Therefore, the cooperation continues. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of cabinet furniture in the economy segment in Ukraine. The furniture factory has been operating since 1999. MF Company is in the TOP-5 in terms of processed chipboard in Ukraine. The product range is over 400 models. More
  • Aspiration project from Aton Service at Modern Expo

    The international group of companies Modern Expo installed Aton Service equipment during the modernization of production in Lutsk. Our professional team has developed an individual aspiration project for Modern Expo, taking into account the needs of the company. The main activities of Modern Expo ─ production and supply of trade and storage racks, cash registers, stainless steel equipment, POS equipment and wiring system. PUSH-PULL aspiration system with Filtering plant FSC-AS 12.Bd launched at Modern Expo. This will allow you to work more efficiently and create comfortable working conditions. Modern Expo is manufactured on modern high-tech equipment, all products are certified according to international safety and quality standards. Modern Expo─ a leader in the manufacture of modern retail equipment for the stores of the future. The company supplies its products to more than 70 countries. World-renowned brands trust Aton Service for large-scale projects. This adds inspiration and motivates to improve business processes and equipment manufacturing processes. More
  • Aton Service equipment at the RGC Production in Vinnytsia

    2021. The other day a new modern plant for the production of gas equipment ─ RGC Production opened in Vinnytsia. This is the latest, environmentally friendly and energy efficient production of RGK Vinnytsiagaz. Nineteen extractiom hood, three filtering plant, aspiration booth for sanding and an Aton Service air duct system have been installed at the plant. The amount of purified air per hour is ─ 50,000 m³. RGC Production is fully automated. Robots work next to people. By the way, their efficient welding work is also provided by Aton Service equipment. Production capacity ─ over 1200 units per year. The plant was built in a year. The mayor was present at the opening of one of the key facilities in Vinnytsia. This is the third aspiration project of Aton Service with regional gas companies. Aton Service equipment also works at modern RGC Production plants in Lviv and Dnipro. Production of modern gas equipment allows for modernization of gas distribution networks in the regions of Ukraine.   More