PE Tomek, Lviv

2020 year. Tomek has established itself as stable in the trade of trade equipment, furniture fittings and sales of board materials. They are equipped with a filtering plant PVF.48.B with a centrifugal blower RM-AS 560/2R/18.5 Es4 and aspiration control panel CPA 20.

Last Projects

  • HI-TECH LTD, Tiraspol, Moldova

    2020 year. A painting booth with dry filters TBS-3D is installed at the factory. More
  • Art-Granit SRL, Chisinau, Moldova

    2019 year. The company produces custom countertops from marble, quartz, granite and composite stone. A painting booth with dry filters TBS-3DN is installed at the factory. More

    2020 year. The company works in the field of construction of solar power plants, construction and reconstruction of electrical substations, laying of cable lines, power supply of commercial real estate. Our plants are installed in craft for welding of details. In particular, the filtering plant FS-AS 8.Bd with silencer SLC 10 and air duct system. Another filtering plant FS-AS 12.Bd with silencer SLC 20 and air duct system. More