Starokostiantyniv Furniture Factory LLC, Pashkivtsy

2016 year.

  1. Filtering plant PJF.160.Sc complete with a centrifugal blower RH-AS 560/2R/37 Es4 and  RU-AS 630/2R/22 Es4, 2 rotary valve RV-30, aspiration control panel. Air delivery 47 500 m³/h.
  2. Aspiration bench MST-2500. Air delivery 5000 m³/h.

Last Projects

  • LLC Guala Clogers Ukraine, Sumy

    2020. Guala Clogers Ukraine, a cork manufacturer, has a filtration unit PJF.100.Sc complete with a centrifugal blower RH-AS 500/2/15 ES4, rotary valve RV-30, aspiration control panel CPA 20  and air duct system. Also,spark extinguishing system RIL 2, which registers sparks and glow particles within a split second after their appearance. Upon detection, the spark suppression mechanism is immediately activated.     More
  • SIA PAA, Riga

    2020 year. The company manufactures bathroom furniture and bathrooms. Installed filtering plant FSC-AS12.Bd with antiexplosive panel Ant exp panel and discharge unit into Big Bag, rotary valve RV - 30, control panel CPA 20, as well as with a system of air ducts. Air delivery 14 000 m³/h. More

    2019 year. Filtering plant FA 36. Air delivery 6750 m3/h. More